Monday, April 4, 2011

I will always be a 917 girl

Have you ever been surprised by something you found sentimental? Something that you think plays a part who you are as a person? I never thought that a phone number would be one of those things for me....but it is.

 It has been on the docket of things to do this year to get an iPhone when my Sprint contract expired on April 1st. I never thought in my wildest dreams that one of the biggest pranks of all time would have been pulled on me 3 days later. Of course you can move your number over to a different carrier, BUT and that is a big but, in order to be added to a family plan you and your family members must have area codes in the same state. Since I would be joining my husband the choice was natural that my number would have to change. As the words came out of the mouth of Gerald, the ATT phone salesman, my body got hot, my heart started racing, the scene from SATC when SJP can't have a 917 played over and over and the last 10 1/2 years of my life where I had MY 917 number flashed through my mind. Good times, bad times, different times, new times none the less I felt like it was the last little piece that I had from home and the one thing I had left hanging by a string to tie me back to my roots. I even entertained the idea of keeping my "Bla"Berry (over the last 2 years the "c" and the "k" have worn off) to keep my #. And as I wrestled with my emotions my husband said one of the most chivalrous things to me, "Babe, I can change my # to a New York # if you want to keep yours."When I realized the sacrifice that he would make for me and our family to save an extra $60 a month I knew that I couldn't let him do that. After all, I was already giving away my city # I couldn't give away my city style too! I had to woman up, bite the bullet, be a big girl and say, "Ok, I'm gonna do it." The hours following as I sent out mass text messages to all the people I wanted to have my new 407 # I got back condolences, congratulations, and a "Did hell freeze over?" I texted with people I haven't spoken to in years and was pleased to know they remembered me and wanted to know what was going on in my life. But the best text I got was from one of my New York girl friends, who comforted me with the words, "Suburbanism is the new black, and us city folks will still take your calls xo."

This installment is dedicated to- All my New York City girls, Jessica Schwiefel soon to be Mahaney, and Steve Jobs.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sole Searching

The last 2 months my mind has been consumed with shoes. Let's be honest a lot of my mind is consumed by shoes but not for the reasons you might think. On June 7, 2010 I had foot surgery on my right foot. It was an experience shall we say and I became intimately connected with the world of "comfort shoes". For months I wore work out clothes without being able to go to the gym because honestly no matter how hard you try, sneakers really don't look good with anything else. As the months "raced"by till I could wear normal shoes I reached my 6 month post-op. This is where I was encouraged to start wearing my normal pre-surgery shoes for a little bit at a time each day to get my foot retrained. Can I wear as high a heel as I once did? Not yet if ever. Do shoes have to be comfortable not matter how beautiful they are? You betcha. But when I went to New York in February for a shoe show to preview Fall 2011 latest my feet were revived, resurrected, "heeled".

                                          My first stop it was love at first sight at Faryl Robin.
                                     Stacked heel, bootie, and I never met a little fur I didn't like.      

Pony Haired, snow leopard, driving flats
Like candy for your feet, @ Jeffery Campbell

My version of something sexy
always includes bo
@ Bourne

Another Jeffery Campbell hit!

And it didn't stop I went on to see all types of shoes high, low, classic, architectural, you name it, it's allowed right now. It is a very anything goes moment in fashion. One of my last stops I found the shoe that I knew I would wear all spring and summer at Elizabeth and James. And as of today is officially my latest acquisition.

Lets just say she puts a little BOUNCE in my step

Also enjoy some pictures I took from a shoe exhibit while I was on a no signal holiday

360 bronzed baby shoes that create a shoe orchestra

Shoe stretchers made in to ottomans with pinstripe fabric to create "the water cooler effect"

A Shoe Wheel

Heels! Made completely of milk jugs. 2 of them, you can't see but the heel was the handle.



Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Through out this experience I am sure that a lot of revelations will be made about myself, not only by myself, but also the people who read this blog as well. Like all of my topics I will be very forth coming, that is why I find it best to come out in the open and tell you 3 vital things that may make or break our relationship. I love puns; I love Tori Spelling and I LOVE TORI SPELLING PUNS.  
Yep, you heard right. Some of you are probably thinking "What the frock, Tori Spelling?" And the other halves are probably thinking, "Did she really just say, what the frock?" 
The pun fascination started long before Darren Star invented Carrie Bradshaw, and has just become a way of life for me. Saying or hearing a clever pun is just as good as the way a new outfit feels when you put it on and step out in it for the first time. Some examples.... My birthday is affectionately named (by me) JESSMAS since it is 9 days before Christmas, some girls have bachelorette parties I had a JESSLORETTE. And just when you were thinking you're not the biggest fan of puns (and really how could anyone not be) if you're reading this blog, the title, yep, pun!
Now on to the more pressing matter, Tori. It all started when I stumbled upon her reality show a couple of years ago, "Home Sweet Hollywood"(pun) and like a magnetic force the remote could not move past the channel. As I watched her and her life with Liam, Stella, and Dean I realized that we had so much in common. She was and is doing everything I strive to achieve, she writes books (sTORI Telling, Uncharted terriTORI, and Mommywood, pun pun pun), designs clothes (Little Maven), plans events, is a mother, a wife, and now a boutique owner!!!!
Last week, in the San Fernando Valley of Cali-forn-i-a, Tori opened her first boutique called InvenTORI. After years of collecting antique and vintage house wares she decided to open a store to house and sell her finds, along with some of their favorite items that she uses and loves enough to put in her store for others to indulge in as well. If you're in Cali I would love if you stopped by and told me how incredibly innovative and inspiring InvenTORI is.... I’m also a sucker for alliteration. 

This installment has been brought to you by the letter "P" and is dedicated to Ms. Spelling my future boss. If you type it, it will come. 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's a girl!

At 8pm, Wednesday February 16th, 2011 Haute Faux Sure was born. She hopes to be a safe haven for self-expression in the fashion world and the real world, a place where things are neither too bold nor too tame. Fashion should never be about finances and if you have enough to get enough or look the part. It should be about creating a look and more importantly igniting ideas and creativity within one another. The fashion industry should be a place for admiration not envy, respect and not judgment, helpful opinions and not harsh criticism. In this blog there will be an etiquette when discussing all garments, for example cheap becomes inexpensive, inspired substitutes knocked off, and investment and/or statement piece is a nicer way to say that you spent the same amount as your rent check or mortgage payment, without really spending your rent check or your mortgage payment, we hope. Along with fashion I will also blog about my personal experiences, the good, the bad and the ugly...and yes sometimes it's not dressed to a "T" and doesn't have make up on. So here is to the beginning of something haute, faux sure.

This first installment is dedicated to Kelly Framel and Jenna Lyons because one day we'll be great friends and play checkers together in Washington Square Park.