Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sole Searching

The last 2 months my mind has been consumed with shoes. Let's be honest a lot of my mind is consumed by shoes but not for the reasons you might think. On June 7, 2010 I had foot surgery on my right foot. It was an experience shall we say and I became intimately connected with the world of "comfort shoes". For months I wore work out clothes without being able to go to the gym because honestly no matter how hard you try, sneakers really don't look good with anything else. As the months "raced"by till I could wear normal shoes I reached my 6 month post-op. This is where I was encouraged to start wearing my normal pre-surgery shoes for a little bit at a time each day to get my foot retrained. Can I wear as high a heel as I once did? Not yet if ever. Do shoes have to be comfortable not matter how beautiful they are? You betcha. But when I went to New York in February for a shoe show to preview Fall 2011 latest my feet were revived, resurrected, "heeled".

                                          My first stop it was love at first sight at Faryl Robin.
                                     Stacked heel, bootie, and I never met a little fur I didn't like.      

Pony Haired, snow leopard, driving flats
Like candy for your feet, @ Jeffery Campbell

My version of something sexy
always includes bo
@ Bourne

Another Jeffery Campbell hit!

And it didn't stop I went on to see all types of shoes high, low, classic, architectural, you name it, it's allowed right now. It is a very anything goes moment in fashion. One of my last stops I found the shoe that I knew I would wear all spring and summer at Elizabeth and James. And as of today is officially my latest acquisition.

Lets just say she puts a little BOUNCE in my step

Also enjoy some pictures I took from a shoe exhibit while I was on a no signal holiday

360 bronzed baby shoes that create a shoe orchestra

Shoe stretchers made in to ottomans with pinstripe fabric to create "the water cooler effect"

A Shoe Wheel

Heels! Made completely of milk jugs. 2 of them, you can't see but the heel was the handle.